Used Instruments

I also offer used instruments for sale.
If you buy one of my instruments, a trade-in of your old instrument is possible.
The old instruments are perfectly reconditioned and ready to play.
Auditions are also possible for old instruments at any time.

Double bass 1960 special shape top used instruments
Used Instruments

Kontrabass 5 Saitig Bj.2015

Body length 1090 mm
Playing Scale 1060 mm
Upper Bout 535 mm
C Bout 375 mm
Lower Bout 680 mm
Body Depth 215 mm
Upper Side Frame Depth 155 mm
Strings Pirastro Flexocore
Used Instruments

Kontrabass 5 saitig Bj. Um 1960

Playing Scale 1055 mm
Upper Bout 530 mm
C Bout 390 mm
Lower Bout 760 mm
Body Depth 205 mm
Upper Side Frame Depth 165 mm
Strings D`Addario Helicore
Used Instruments
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