In my workshop I manufacture for you, for example, adjustable endpins made of wood, specially adapted pegs for their bass mechanics whether new or old.

These can be based on the original, or adapted to their individual “special” wishes.

The woods for pegs can be made from the material you want or the material I recommend.

In addition, there is the possibility of custom manufacturing various bridge models in design and shape adapted to your instrument and of course according to your wishes.
The production of

tailpieces in special sizes and shapes is also possible.

Marko Ackert bridges different special shapes
Marko Ackert double bass side with carvings 2
Marko Ackert

Endpin made of wood adjustable

This endpin is a self-development of mine.
The endpin is made of solid wood only with a metal tip.
It offers tonal advantages, especially for old instruments. Its big plus in comparison to conventional wooden spines is its adjustable.
So it can be adjusted individually.
These spines are made individually. This means that the choice of material can be freely selected.

e.g. hornbeam\ maple\ pear tree etc.
Length: 340mm
Cone pear : 35 mm
Gear ratio 1/17

Marko Ackert Stachel aus Holz
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